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Lint Lizard ReviewHave You Seen The Lint Lizard on TV?

When I saw the Lint Lizard advertized on TV a few weeks ago I knew right away I had to give it a try! I’ve been having a terrible problem with my dryer taking way too long to get my clothes dry, and I even noticed my regular lint trap hasn’t had much in it. I figure there must be some kind of small gap in the lint trap and all sorts of extra lint is getting deep down into my dryer. Not only has this been costing me a lot of extra time to get the clothes dry, I knew that this had to be costing me alot of extra money in energy costs as well! In this economy every little bit helps, so I went ahead and ordered the Link Lizard, and when I saw that extra bendable attachment I KNEW I had to have it!

I’ve been looking for an attachment like this for years to be able to vacuum the tops of my ceiling fan blades which is a real hassle! I forget what they call it, the Dust Lizard or something like that, but I just call the whole thing “Lint Lizard” anyway, haha. I came up with all sorts of uses for the Lint Lizard even before it arrived in the mail and I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.  You see, I have to admit I am a bit lazy and I never clean under and around the washer and dryer, and the same goes for the refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher or the stove and I could only imagine how much crud the lint lizard was going to vacuum up out of there! To me, the Lint Lizard seemed like much more than just a Dryer Lint Cleaner or Lint Vacuum, but rather an all around small area cleaner!

Does the Lint Lizard Work?

It would be kinda silly if the Lint Lizard didn’t work now wouldn’t it? I mean, the as seen on tv Lint Lizard is not a piece of machinery, its an attachment for your vacuum and I cant imagine it not working even with the cheapest vacuum money can by because it’s applying quite a lot of suction to a small opening. Specifically though, I was pretty amazed at the amount of lint that was down in my dryer! I had to jiggle in in and out a few times to get it all because the lint was so compacted down in there, but I managed to get all the dryer lint out in just a couple of minutes!  They offered 2 Lint Lizard for the price of one so I used the other one for the far more dirty jobs of cleaning under the other appliances. I am VERY glad they gave me 2 Lint Lizards because the one I used to clean out under the stove was pretty gross by the time I was done! I sucked out all sorts of oily old food particles and crud that simply could not even be identified from under there!

Not only does my dryer work MUCH better now, I feel so much better about the cleanliness of my entire kitchen as well! I was so excited with how well the Lint Lizard worked so far, that I couldn’t even wait a day to put on the Dust Lizard (or whatever it’s called) and hit those dirty ceiling fan blades! Ohhh, I can’t begin to tell you how easy it was compared to having to get a ladder, and a bucket and towel to wipe them down! I simply attached it to my vacuum extension, bent it over to about a 45 degree angle and wiped the blades down in seconds! We have 5 ceiling fans in our house and I was able to clean them all in less than 5 minutes, and had NO CLEANUP afterwards! Amazing!

Where to Buy Lint Lizard?

The best place to buy the Lint Lizard is from the special offer page at the official Lint Lizard website because that’s where you can get the 2 for one deal and get the extra bendable attachment thing. Just click the link below and it will take you to the special offer page on their website where you can get the best deal on the Lint Lizard.


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