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Fuel Shark ReviewFuel Shark Review

There are 2 new and competing products that are new on the market, one is called the Fuel Shark, and one is called the Fuel Doctor. Both are designed to get better gas mileage with your car, truck or SUV. This year many economists are predicting $5.00 per gallon gas (again). In this economic crisis every dollar counts, and having something like the Fuel Shark or Fuel Doctor is a no-brainer to save money on one of our biggest expenses, Gasoline!

Neither the Fuel Shark or the Fuel Doctor require any modification to your vehicle. They simply plug into your cigarette lighter or power port and optimizes the electrical system in your car to promote more efficient fuel economy.  The modern car uses all sorts of computer systems to keep your car running at optimal performance. The Fuel Shark and Fuel Doctor make minor adjustments to optimize gas mileage. Along with fuel conservation, the Fuel Shark or Fuel Doctor also gives you a little boost in overall performance and cleaner emissions as well.

The economy is bad right now, and not everyone can afford a new Smart Car, and many simply don’t want such a small car anyway, so the Fuel Shark and Fuel Dr are designed for the rest of us normal people who just want to maximize the economy of the car we already own. Using it couldn’t be any easier. Just plug it in, and when the light comes on you know it’s working to save you money with every mile you travel. If you are a commuter and drive more than 20 miles a day, the savings should really add up for you!

The Fuel Shark is quite a bit cheaper (nearly half the price), so I would opt for it over the Fuel Doctor if I were you. It’s a no-brainer to use it. You can also sleep better at night knowing you are saving a little money, and also “going green” at the same time. The Fuel Shark is a real Win Win situation here.

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