Cardio Cruiser

Cardio CruiserCardio Cruiser

is a 3-in-1 exercise machine that combines the comfort of a recumbent bike with the upper body toning motion of an elliptical machine, and the lower body action of a stepper…It is an all in one body sculpting machine.  The Cardio Cruiser is an entirely new kind of cardio workout machine.

The secret behind the Cardio Cruiser Plus it’s revolutionary design which features the Dual Action Motion. The Cardio Cruiser offers a greater range of leg motion to target the major muscles in the hamstrings, hips, thighs and buns, while also providing an upper body  workout to sculpt the muscles in the shoulders, arms, chest and back. An added bonus is a fully supported, comfortable workout with no jarring impact to the joints and back.

Cardio Cruiser Features:

  • Choise of 7 different height adjustments
  • Five speed resistance dial.
  • Folds up for easy storage.

Product Includes:

  • Cardio Cruiser
  • The Body by Jake 30 day “Rev-up the Results” fat-burning program that will help you lose pounds and inches even faster.
  • BONUS ITEM: The “Cruiser Caddy” that is used to hold your water bottle and a TV remote control.

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